Outcome Thinking

Outcome Thinking

A few days ago I posted On having ideas, an article about how I manage ideas, ensuring I focus on the ones that lead to opportunities.  Or more precisely, hold them in a state that has them activate when opportunities come along.

My husband read the post and said it sounded like a very Kate thing – not accessible to mere humans. My coworker, said it was unusual, but he is used to such things coming from me. The feedback caused me to think, “Wow, this idea is surprising to people. They admit it would be great if it worked, but believe their mind doesn’t function this way.” Isn’t this the objection to all the greatest ideas that came along? A paradigm shift,which once made, changes your life?

I have decided to explore this idea and see if I can really teach and validate it.

Creating an image around an outcome isn’t new. David Allen has been talking about it for decades – and he is not alone. Except David Allen is missing half the picture.  He has you imagine what it would be like to have a perfect – birthday party – corporate event – project success. To fill out the other half, you need Mark Manson – the author of “The subtle art of not giving a f**k.” He says, most of us envision the outcome, but not the pain and problems that get us there.

Let me be the guinea pig here…

Step 1. David Allen. What would it look like if I developed this concept and found a way to teach it?   Let’s name it!  Ideation? Been done. Ideas, Pictures, and Opportunities. OK. That sounds like a cool  reasonable name for a book. A book?! Yes. a book!  Just like “Back of the Napkin” by Dan Roam. I do talks about the method!  Just as my husband Ben Tilly is encouraging me to develop. I go to start-up events and discuss this approach. Start-ups want me to do more. They hire Lean Street to help them turn their idea into reality through pictures and managing opportunities…  I am on TV!  Err… ok. good enough. My modesty kicks in and reality is felt as I plop down to earth.

Step 2. Mark Manson.

What would it take to have gotten there?  Notice the tense. Since I am imagining the picture of success, I am thinking of that success as the present tense. All the work I would have had to do is now in the past… I call this “back-solving.” More on back-solving another day – but let’s follow the thread here. What’s missing from my picture of success? Well, the blog posts in which I fleshed out the idea from a blog post written as I was having my first cup of coffee, to something that people could follow step by step. Lots of feedback. Perhaps I should engage my coworkers, friends and social media audience to help. I need to tend to every nay-sayer, until I either convince them or fail to see anything actionable in their objections. (Hey, you can’t win them all.) What else? I ought to go to start-up events and casually pitch my talk. Not a talk, a workshop. Free. Get more validation. But have fun! I love workshops. (Mark Mason would say, I love the pain & problems that this aspect of the project would bring. Thanks Mark!) TV? We’ll leave that alone. Seems like an icing on the cake.. though… wow… my clients will see me on TV! Definitely good – but nothing to be done about it at this time – too much to imagine. I’ll drop it from my picture of success….

Next layer – how do I get engagement from coworkers, friends and social media? Share my blog post. Set up recorded zoom meetings. Try this a bunch of times. What am I missing? Which part is hard for them all?

I am excited. Moving forward. Let’s get it done!

Step 3. Do it!

I seriously can’t attribute this to anyone special… I am excited. The picture clieked. Let’s do the work.  If you are reading this post, you have probably heard from me, and are trying to decide whether you want to me part of my grand vision. You don’t? Great. I haven’t convinced you. Stand by (though leave a comment if you would – a nasty one will do. I’ll know where to go from here.) If you are in, you see something there… Would love for you to help. 30 minutes. zoom meeting. We pick a problem of yours, we create an image. We find what’s missing… we get you off and running.  I will not rest till your problem is solved!

Let’s do it! Leave a comment – how do I reach you? Find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or here. I solve your problem – or you leave a nasty comment – guaranteed.